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M&K Links is a leading provider of building cleaning and maintenance services with an outstanding reputation for quality and integrity throughout Sydney metropolitan areas.

You get the best quality job as we draw on our 15 years experience supplying high quality cleaning and maintenance services for businesses organizations and residential properties such as yours.

By choosing us you can be rest assured that your facility, project or property will be impeccably maintained and will reflect the professional image and cleanliness standard you wish to project to your clients, employees and guests.
We are a growing business thanks to our customer’s preference and our employees and management commitment to deliver customer satisfaction in every single job.

Your problems and concerns become ours and we take the challenge to solve them in the most affordable, quickest and best way. Our work is not finish until you are completely satisfied with our service.

The outdoor spaces on a property always tend to get dirtier than interior spaces. This is true of both, residential and commercial buildings. The paved areas like driveways, pathways, entrance ways, porches, exterior walls, boundary walls and all the other masonry elements in your landscaping are constantly exposed to the elements. Over time, dirt, dust, debris and oil stains, moss and mildew growth take their toll, and you find that these spaces start looking dull, drab and lack-lustre.

The best and most effective way to tackle all these issues is to hire the services of High Pressure Cleaning NSW. We are the high pressure cleaning company in Sydney that has been providing consistent services to customers across the region. We serve residential, commercial as well as industrial customers and provide one-off services or long-term pressure cleaning packages. Every solution we provide will be customised to your requirements, which ensures you get value for money.

Types of pressure cleaning jobs we handle

We use high grade, environment-friendly solutions and techniques in our high pressure washing projects, handle every task methodically and in a detailed manner; and ensure that all the spaces stay in a pristine condition. With over a decade of experience behind us, we know exactly how to provide top notch high pressure washing in Sydney services. We provide excellent solutions for:

  • Individual homes
  • Residential complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Retail spaces
  • Standalone stores
  • Restaurants and pubs
  • Hospitals
  • Stores and supermarket properties
  • Petrol stations
  • Shopping centres and malls
  • Cool rooms
  • Other

Apart from this, we also handle graffiti removal as part of our high pressure washing in Sydney solutions. All types of tile and stone cleaning and sealing jobs are handled expertly. We also provide related services such as application of anti-slip tiling treatments, concrete floor grinding & polishing, cleaning & sealing of most natural stones, repairing chips & cracks of all natural stone etc.

Customers prefer to hire us because…

Industrial customers also opt for our specialised services such as application of anti-slip treatments and premium high gloss coatings, floor cleaning & polishing, parking lot cleaning & maintenance, and factory & warehouse maintenance etc. Today, we have become the preferred high pressure washing company in Sydney for very obvious reasons, such as:

  • High quality and safety standards
  • Timely and efficient services
  • Unobtrusive working
  • Environment-friendly solutions and techniques used
  • Customised solutions
  • Cost-effective services
  • Attention to detail
  • Wide array of exterior cleaning and maintenance solutions

Call us for specialised pressure cleaning jobs

When you hire our high pressure cleaning in Sydney service, you are assured that the exterior spaces will be cleaned of all the mud and dirt, mould and mildew, oil & petroleum products stains, debris and dust. If you are looking for a high pressure cleaning company that will be able to handle all exterior maintenance jobs in a professional manner, we are the ones to call. For more information, call High Pressure Cleaning NSW at (02) 9186 8143. We also give you a 10% discount when you book online using this form. Get a free quote today.

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